June '23 Community Highlights & Winner Announcement

21 Jun 2023

Hello Notifs fam!

This June has been packed with exciting updates for Notifs - from community events to new features.

On the community side, we've been hosting campaigns to connect with you wonderful bunch. Have you met all our team members yet? We introduced each of them via a series of AI avatars - head on over to our Twitter to browse through! After introducing our team with the community, we also held an AMA session with the Notifs core team where we received an overwhelming response and many insightful questions.

We'd especially like to say congratulations to those who submitted our two favorite questions:

Winner 1:

Q: Does AI also work on the Notifs app? Many projects use AI on their platform. - @PaulOablo

A: Not at the moment, but AI is definitely a space we are exploring for #NotifsApp and are very keen on. Please stay tuned for our future updates and developments!

Winner 2:

Q: How is the OAX Foundation supporting and empowering Notifs in its mission to become a comprehensive aggregator of curated content and personalized notifications? - @LayeBuddy

A: Thank you for asking, you might find this blog post useful. We are very thankful for all the support OAX Foundation has given us throughout 2023 and we have loved working alongside their team, who share similar goals & vision as we do! For more ways this will benefit both communities, please stay tuned and continue to follow us on this journey. ❤

Please reach out so we can award your prizes!

We genuinely had a hard time picking out our fave questions, so here are a couple of other questions that we really liked:

Q: According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority? - @Goba_gobaa

A: Our devs are currently hard at work on fixing all bugs on the Notifs platform while our UI/UX lead is exploring how to further enhance the #NotifsApp experience. We feel that the basics are important. With that said - we do have plans in the pipeline that we're discussing internally and are excited about. We're keeping our eyes peeled on this exciting space and we can't wait to share what's next! 😉

Q: Are there any plans to incorporate sentiment analysis or predictive analytics into the Notifs app, allowing users to gauge market sentiment and make more informed trading decisions? - @HoneyTJ6

A: We take the responsibility of providing investment insights to our users seriously, and that's why we're selective about what we show in our app. While we understand the desire for predictive analytics, we also recognize that no such tools are currently validated. Rest assured, we're always exploring new ways to help our users make informed investment decisions.

On the product front, a new app update has been deployed: version 1.1.9.

We hope the update brings you an even more seamless and comfortable Notifs experience. As always, please continue sharing your suggestions so we can build the portfolio tracking app crypto investors love to use.