March 2024 Community Highlights

29 Mar 2024

Hey Notifs Fam,

We want to express our gratitude for being a part of our growing community. Thanks to your support and valuable feedback, we have been able to make continuous improvements to the Notifs app, ensuring a better user experience for all.

This past week, we witnessed a resurgence in Bitcoin following a market correction, as it continues to gather momentum. We hope that you have been fully utilizing notifs to track your favorite token the smart way. Special emphasis on features like token discovery, whale wallet tracker, and spot Bitcoin ETF prices. Our goal is to provide crypto enthusiasts like yourself with comprehensive tools for holistic analysis, especially during these active market times.

We understand the excitement around meme coins and want to ensure that you can easily track them on Notifs as you build your moon bag. Don't forget to enable AI news to receive the latest insights from the market, keeping you informed and ahead of the game. Make sure to set your alerts within the app and stay Notifs of the latest to ensure you never miss out on important updates and opportunities.

A quick heads up, we are planning on a STARS campaign in April around our whale wallet feature, start using it more to be ready for what’s coming on social media! For those of you who have enough STARS to redeem benefits, you can easily do so via the app.

Speaking of campaigns, we also recently completed our Lunar New Year Gleam campaign and would like to extend a shoutout to everyone who participated. The list of winners have been announced earlier in the month and please don’t be discouraged if you didn’t make the list - there are always upcoming exciting events in the pipeline. 

Lastly, we invite you to explore our updated website, where you can discover more about what Notifs has to offer. From tracking your favorite assets to staying informed with real-time data, our website showcases the power and versatility of the Notifs app.

Thank you again for being a valued member of our community and we would like to wish everyone a happy Easter weekend ahead. Stay Notifs, stay informed!