November '23 Community Highlights

28 Nov 2023

Hey Notifs Community!

We have some fantastic news and exciting features to share that will enhance your experience with the Notifs app.

First and foremost, we are thrilled to announce that our user base has grown significantly over the past month. We owe this success to your continued support and trust in our platform. Thank you for being a part of our vibrant and growing community!

Our dedicated team of developers has been working night and day to bring you new features that will make navigating the web3 world even more seamless. In our latest release, version 1.2.19, we have packed the app with some solid updates that we know you'll love. 

One major highlight is the addition of full support for both Chinese traditional and simplified languages. We are excited to extend our reach to our Chinese community, allowing them to access the app in their native language. Not only that, but our AI news summary feature is also now available in Chinese, ensuring that our Chinese users stay up to date with the latest developments in the space!

我們團隊日以繼夜地努力工作,致力於為你帶來新功能,使你在 Web3 世界中的導航更加順暢。在我們的最新版本 1.2.19 中,其中一個重要亮點是全面支援繁體和簡體中文。

而且,我們的人工智能新聞摘要功能現在也提供中文版本,確保我們的中文用戶能夠及時了解Web3領域的最新發展!只要在應用程式中設定了繁體或簡體中文作為你的首選語言,我們每日的 AI 新聞將以中文形式傳遞給你。我們重視多元化的用戶群,讓更多人能夠享用 Notifs!

We value the diversity of our user base and we are here to serve your community and make the Notifs app accessible to as many people as possible - so please reach out and let us know what languages we should support next. 

We are actively seeking users for short interviews to gather feedback on what you love about the app and areas where we can improve. As a token of our appreciation, selected participants will receive a Ledger Nano S. If you haven't already submitted your application, now is the time to do so! We have already started the selection process, so don't miss out on this opportunity to have your voice heard.

Now you can have your favorite token displayed prominently on your device's home screen with our latest widget feature in beta - which currently works best for iOS version 16.0 and newer. We are continuously working to improve this feature, and keeping up with the latest iOS changes. In the meantime, do let us know about any additional widget styles you would like to see.

What could be better than earning extra rewards while tracking your favorite assets? The long-awaited Rewards Program is just around the corner - just in time for the Christmas festivities and year-end celebration too! We want to incentivise Notifs’ power users for their loyalty, so we will be launching missions and referral programs that allow you to earn redemption points within the Notifs app. Stay tuned for the announcement of rewards and the campaign start date. 

With the market constantly on the move, we encourage you to set your alerts, tune in to our AI news summary, and stay informed. We are here to make your tracking journey as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

Happy tracking, and stay warm!