Token2049 Singapore 2023: Key Takeaways & Community Recap

21 Sept 2023

Hi Notifs fam,

We’re still reeling from the excitement of Token2049 last week! It was a non-stop hustle and bustle of activities from the moment we touched down in Singapore. 

First of, thank you to all our community members who said ‘hi’ to Chris and downloaded Notifs App. Your prizes will be processed within the next few weeks - please watch out for our email in your inbox. 

We had an awesome time meeting those of you who came to say hi! We’ll be maintaining the privacy of all who took photos with us. ;)

For those who missed out on attending Token2049 this year, here are some key takeaways and insights from our experience at the conference. 

Firstly, the Web3 space is still of huge interest to the digital asset community. 

With Web3 gaining mainstream attention in Hong Kong and across the globe, attracting impressive funding rounds, it’s no surprise that a lot of conversations in Token2049 were centered around the Web3 space. 

Web3 gaming is particularly popular in Asia - according to Robbie Ferguson (president & co-founder of web3 gaming company Immutable), web3 gaming in the region is growing due to its ‘strong genre fit’ between web3 gaming and existing popular games in the asian region, which are often also driven by collectibles.

AML in blockchain: an ongoing progress. 

While we were there, there were plenty of projects at Token2049 within the AML space. As regulations in the crypto ecosystem continue to mature across the globe, it’s only natural that AML still prevails as an important topic to address. Even tech giants like Google have launched their own AI to better tackle problems with the conventional AML processes via machine learning. 

AI and its application in digital assets: A fad or long-term innovation to drive growth?

The interest in AI is prevalent for sure, with numerous panel discussions and sessions throughout the conference around the topic. We were lucky to be able to catch quite a few of these sessions as AI is also a space we’ve been exploring ourselves, with the launch of our AI news feature on Notifs. 

It was crucial for us to take this opportunity to gauge where the space is heading while considering potential partnerships and integrations with relevant projects. 

If you’ve tested our AI news feature, please let us know via Twitter or our Gleam campaign what you think - we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the overall experience for our users.

Last but not least - meaningful panel sessions and networking opportunities aside, Token2049 was incredibly fun! It was great to be able to both work hard and kick back with the crypto community as many of these side events were very well planned and reminded us of our community’s collective love and dedication to the ecosystem. Most of us were there with a similar goal in mind: to continue BUIDLing great projects that will help elevate this space to the mainstream. 

Take a peek at our IG reel featuring some fun Token2049 moments. 

What do you think? If you attended Token2049 this year, we’d love to hear your key takeaways and learnings too, leave us a comment on our socials. 

Apart from Token2049, the Notifs team has also been excited about the recent changes and updates to our app:

New master portfolio view - users can enjoy a more in-depth analysis and overview for your portfolios with the refreshed master portfolio view, allowing you to have an easier understanding of your overall portfolio trends, best/worst performing portfolios and gains. 

Updates to our AI news feature - as we mentioned earlier in the writeup, we’re constantly exploring ways to improve our AI news feature. In the latest rollout, you’ll notice some changes that we hope enhances your experience more, such as a ‘Sort By’ option (you can now easily sort all your daily AI news snippets) and a more organized ‘List View’ of your news so your daily updates are easier to digest.

We’ve got more changes coming soon as well; remember to regularly update your app on the Appstore and Playstore! 

Next up, we have Hong Kong Fintech week coming in early November. With such buzz around the web3 space in Hong Kong this year, turnout should be quite impressive and we are really looking forward to it. If any projects, media or individuals will be attending Fintech Week and would like to collaborate or meet us in person, please don’t be a stranger. 

Notifs Team